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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Pretty frames...

 The In Love Art shop sent me the prettiest set of Wavy Square Frame dies. I really love them! If you like them, too, you can get them here. And don't forget to use the 15% discount code:


Here are the cards I made with this set.

As delicate as these frames are, they cut beautifully. I took a little extra care getting them out of the die, but it really wasn't hard at all.

I wanted to add a little variation in color to my die-cut flower. I decided to use a white colored pencil and add some white to the center of my flower, bringing it out at least half way towards the edge of each petal. I loved the results.

On the inside of my card I added a die-cut flourish that was cut from the same cardstock I had used for my flower. I also added a stamped sentiment using purple ink.

This is the second card I made. It's not as long as one of the popular slimline cards, but it is longer (nearly 8 inches) than a normal card. 

Each of my squares is popped up on foam tape to add some dimension. I used spray adhesive to glue down each of my wavy frames on both these cards.

The inside is pretty plain--just a pale pink mat with a stamped birthday greeting.

The stars of these cards are those delicate frames. I'm looking forward to using them...a lot!

Today I finished filling my card rack for the thrift store. I got most of the cards priced, until I ran out of pricing stickers. I will finish them up after I take the entire rack to the store tomorrow. I haven't told them that I'm bringing them an entire rack of cards. I am hoping they will be pleased. In the past I have taken only 6-10 cards in at a time. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.



designbydonna said...

That die cut is very pretty. Your cards both showcase it very well. The white on the center of your flower really makes it stand out. I'm going to try that.

Glittered Paws said...

Love that frame - and I looked at it and saw how delicate it was - then continue reading and you said it cut very nicely. I hate poking little pieces out of die cuts. The cat card is too cute - yes not quite a slimline but love it.

Lynette said...

Those are both so pretty, Cheryl! What a great frame die. Love the pretty flowers, too. Great idea to use white on them! Very cool you brought in so many cards!