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Friday, March 29, 2013

Tic Tac holder and easy, peasy basket...

It seems that whenever I am getting ready for a holiday, I just keeping making stuff until the family is here and there is no more time. Here are two last minute items I created for our Easter celebration.

The first were some fun Tic Tac holders to put into the grandkids' baskets:
Aren't these little guys cute? They were fun and quick to make. Here's how I did it:
Cut a piece of cardstock 4 1/4" by 3 1/2".  From the top of the long side, score at 1", 1 5/8", 3 3/8" and at 4".  Looks like I forgot to write the 4" on the diagram, but that's where that last score line falls.

Now turn the paper so the short side is at the top and score at 5/8". This will form the bottom of this little open-topped box that the Tic Tacs will sit in.

Snip the short score lines at the bottom up to the 5/8" score line.

Punch a 1 1/4" hole (or thereabouts) into the center panel where indicated in the photo.

Pre-fold all your score lines, then wrap the "box" around your Tic Tacs with the short end overlapping the longer end. This will put your back seam closer to the center.

On the bottom, tuck the two short ends in, then the back flap, and lastly glue the front flap down over that.

I cut the bunny face from Doodlecharms at 2 1/2" which made it just the right size. There are other really cute faces in that cartridge that would look PERFECT for this purpose. I plan to make some Santa ones with red Tic Tacs for Christmas.

For the feet, I used an oval Spellbinder's tag die, but you could also use other small oval dies as I've indicated on the graph paper.
I adhered a little white pompom to the back for the bunny tail and also tied a ribbon around the "neck" area to make a simple faux bow in the front.

The faces, or course, were stamped with the largest stamp from Peachy Keen's Cute and Cuddly stamp set.

This is a view from the top, which was left open to make it easier to get the Tic Tacs out.

One last quick project that I did, was to make my brother a little Easter Basket. He's a single guy, and I know he likes chocolate, so I thought I should give him a treat, too.

I learned how to make this basket on "Stamp and Scrap with Frenchie." You'll find her directions in this post. She has a terrific blog. I'm a follower of hers and I've learned all manner of things from Frenchie.

The basket is made from just one 8 1/2" by 11" piece of cardstock. And you use the whole thing - no waste!  I embossed this one, too, but you wouldn't have to do that. I've used a couple of flower brads that I've had forever to hold it all together. No gluing at all!!!

I think it is so cute and I plan to add this 3D project to my graph paper notebook for future reference.

Well, that's it for me today. Don't think I'll post again until after Easter, so I hope yours is spectacular!

Thanks for stopping by, and rememberto laugh--a little or a lot--every day.

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