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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween and enjoying all the trick or treaters. When my kids were little, I really loved to make their costumes. In1987, my twins were 10 years old, and it was one of the last years they went trick or treating. They may have gone one more year, but that would have been it. I made it a rule in our house, that when you were 12, you had to help hand out the candy.

I knew I was going to miss the creative outlet of making their costumes, so I really went all out in 1987.  I made my twins into Pierrot dolls. If you've never heard of them, click this link for some images of Pierrot dolls.

Here's a picture of my girls in their costumes:

Aren't they stinkin' gorgeous?

I bought a clown costume pattern to sew their outfits out of black and deep pink/fuschia. The ruffles around their neck were made from the same color pink satin,only that fabric had silver sparkles all over it. I also made them little black skull caps. I tied their long, dark hair up on top of their heads and pinned the little caps on.  I painted their faces white and added some of the eye makeup characteristic of Pierrot dolls. If you look closely you can see a blue tear painted on each right cheek. I did take a photo of them looking very sad, but that photo has disappeared from our album. I wonder which one of them I should blame for that! LOL

Making my kids' costumes each year was as fun for me as it was for them. I just wish I had taken more photos!!!

Now onto something a little less lovely. To decorate our door for the trick or treaters this year, I decided to stretch some webbing across it. In the center of the webbing is this little beauty:

 I made her out of 1/2 of a styrofoam oval cut lengthwise.  I painted it black, then added a coat of ModPodge and a generous amount of black glitter. Of course, I also added a couple of spooky, red eyes and some pipe cleaner legs. Here she sits in all her glory on top of the bag of webbing.
Thanks for stopping by today, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day!

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