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Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Halloween welcome to the kids...

Just a quick post today. I wanted to share with you just how we welcomed all the wonderful little trick-or-treaters to our door on Halloween night. Remember the spider that I made? If not, you can check it out and see a close-up photo in the previous post. Here's how we displayed the spider on our front door:
The "BOO!" was painted onto the glass with some acryllic paint.  It's easy enough to scrape it off with a razor blade when Halloween is over.

As you can see, I always carve a couple of pumpkins.

I love to add "hair" to Mrs. Pumplin. I simply use some sparkly, colored pipe cleaners and twist each one around my finger to create curls. I make some tiny holes in the top of the pumpkin with a sharp skewer or nail and stick the pipe cleaners in.

I decided Mr. Pumpkin needed a hat, so I grabbed an old New Year's hat that we had in our costume box.  Since it said "Happy New Year" on the front, I made a Happy Halloween sign to cover it up.

You may be noticing that you can see tin foil inside the pumpkins. Well, you're right, there is tin foil in there! I always carve my pumpkins on October 31st. I line them with tin foil not only to help reflect the candle light, but also to keep the pumpkin meat fresh and protected from the candle. As soon as the trick-or-treaters stop coming, I bring them in and bake them. After they have cooled, I put the mashed pumpkin into ziploc bags--2 cups per bag--and freeze it. That way we have pumpkin all year long.

I hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as we did.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day!

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