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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paint chip embellishments...

One of my sisters has been doing some fixing up around her house before the snow flies here in the northland. My brother helped her remodel her bathroom, and when she was about to throw out the paint chips she had used to select her wall colors, he told her (as I've trained him to do) that I could use them for my cardmaking obsession hobby.  My brother dutifully brought them to me, and I used them for some die-cut flowers and sentiment, as well as the label to frame the sentiment on this card:


Whenever you bring home paint chips to help with your redecorating or remodeling, don't forget that they can be used for making embellishments for your cards, once you're through with them. I don't know if they are hard on the cutting edges of your dies or punches - it's possible that they are - but I've used them with no obvious ill effects so far.


I added three pearls in the flower centers and a ribbon to finish off the card.

Paint chips are wonderful for small embellishments like this because you can get a range of color tones all on one sample. I liked that my sister had already picked out complementary colors that just happened to match some pretty paper I had in my stash.

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