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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surprises are so much fun...

The other day one of my twin daughters told me that her three small children (ages 7, nearly 6 and 3) had picked something out for me when they went with her to the store.  She packed up their purchases and sent them to me in the mail. Since she lives about 500 miles away, it takes a few days for a package to arrive.

Yesterday, the box was delivered and here is what was inside:

Do those kids know their grandma, or what? You can see in the photo they picked out some cute, Halloween card blanks with envelopes, 3 Halloween punches, 3 packages of assorted ribbons, a cute "witches legs" stamp and two glitter 4-packs. Of course, I had to try out some of these supplies and make them each a little thank you card.

Once of them even decorated the box:
It's a little hard to see in this photo, but there's a happy face drawn on one side of the box.  I'm not sure which one of them drew the face, but it sure made me smile.

Here's a picture of those three beautiful grandchildren.  They'll be coming to visit over Thanksgiving, and my daughter and I are planning a few Christmas crafts for them to enjoy. They like to craft as much as I do. My daughter has also inherited the crafting gene, so Thanksgiving will be a blast!.
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Patti J said...

Awww...the box is the bestest part! What fun! They are so sweet, and I'm sure gram doesn't spoil them a bit... Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Very nice surprise! Great grandchildren. I especially liked the picture of the kids! pj

Shanna, Max, Lucy and Oliver said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you got the package. That was Max's art on the side of the box. :) The kids loved seeing themselves on the blog. They are famous! :)