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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Pretty floral hello...

Every now and then I like to send my two elderly aunts a card to let them know I am thinking about them. I think that it is especially important now when they have to remain in their homes as much as possible and it is difficult for them to socialize with their friends and neighbors.

This is a card I made for one of them. First, I made my card base out of some pretty floral cardstock I've had for ages. Then I cut the the flower sprig out of white cardstock and painted the outline and the rose petals with water colors. I cut the negative spaces of the leaves and other flowers out of colored/patterned cardstock and inserted those pieces into my die cut outline.

"Hello" was die-cut out of some gray cardstock and adhered to the white panel which was embossed using the Lifestyle Crafts Quatrefoil EF. I added some sequins and a lavender strip on each side (to match the lavender in the tiny flowers), and that was it! It was blank inside so I could write a note.

I wasn't sure this card would work AT ALL when I first started. I have a hard time using some of the printed cardstocks I have on hand. Especially when they have a bold print like this one. I think the white panel helped to tone things down, though, so it all worked out ok.

We are now enjoying the longest days (in terms of sunlight) of the year. In Minneapolis the sun is rising around 5:30 a.m and not setting until 9 p.m. Do you enjoy this change in daylight, or would you rather have a constant amount of daylight all year long?

I have traveled to Costa Rica three times in my life, spending 1-4 weeks there at a time. I have a friend there who owns a coffee plantation, and I love visiting her. Since Costa Rica is very near the equator, the days don't vary much in the amount of sunlight they receive each day. In fact, the days are pretty evenly divided between light and darkness--12 hours of each all year around. When I was there, I enjoyed being able to count on the sun coming up at 6 a.m. and setting at 6 p.m.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


Lynette said...

Pretty paper, and lots of great elements to go with it! I kind of like the long days of summer. Now, the shorter days of winter I could do without! :) Actually, I like the variety of it all.

designbydonna said...

Pretty floral indeed! Very thoughtful of you to send cards to your aunts. I'm sure they appreciate the happy mail. You reminded me to send some cards to shut-ins. I have visited Costa Rica. I did not notice that about the days. Too busy noticing all the beauty instead.

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

That is such a pretty card! I love how you inserted the pieces back into the outline of the die cut! I'm sure that Aunt who receives this will just love it! As for light during the day, it doesn't usually bother me one way or the other.

Patti J said...

This is beautiful! So nice of you to create for these ladies. I’m sure they appreciate your talent and love! Hmmm....I love the long days!

Glittered Paws said...

How sweet to send cards to your aunts, I am sure they appreciate them. I send cards out sometimes for no reason - except to be sending a card. A surprise happy mail.
I have trouble working with bolder florals/prints as well, but I think you did a great job on this.
I would prefer daylight savings time all year around. I hate eating supper at 5-5:30 and it is already dark in the winter. I want to eat then go to bed. LOL