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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What happens when you're 10...

My grandson turned 10 years old today (Happy birthday, Oliver!), and this is the card I made for him:

Oliver has a big, happy personality, so I tried to make his card to match. I know that kids like to manipulate cards, too, so this one has a twist and pop mechanism on the inside. The number 10 was cut out with my Silhouette. I cut the numbers three times and layered them for some extra dimension.

Here's a peek at the inside.

All the sentiments on this card were computer-generated. The fourth sentiment in the pop-up part was included because we sent him some money for his birthday. It seems all kids want nowadays is electronics, and I have absolutely no idea what they would choose.

I found a little banner stamp in my stash--I think it was from Michael's dollar bin--and used that above each sentiment. Then, I colored it in with alcohol markers, using the colors from the DSP on the front of the card.

This Happy Birthday banner was one I die-cut at my sister's house when I visited there a couple of weeks ago. Because the letters are simply cut into the little flags with single lines, they're a little hard to see on this cardstock. That's why I outlined the letters with a gold metallic pen. It looks better IRL.

Ollie is my youngest grandchild. It's so hard to believe that they are ALL now in double digits. In fact, it won't be long and we'll start attending their high school graduation ceremonies.

Well, I need to go outside and pull some of my plants into the garage. The TV weather people are saying it could storm here this afternoon. They've even forecast the possibility of hail.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


designbydonna said...

What a fun card. Your grandson will love all the interactive parts and that big bold 10. We just found out our son and wife afe expecting a girl in January. Their oldest is 15 and in driver's training.

Glittered Paws said...

Great card for a 10 year old, yes double digits and they go quickly. Love the pop and twist on the inside and the computer generated says are "brilliant".
Had a storm last night that woke me at 4:30 a.m. with wind that truly sounded like a freight train, (but it wasn't). Lots of thunder and lightening but then minimal rain. Have 2 big dogs that are afraid of thunder so they joined us in our bed.

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

That's a really cute birthday card!

Unknown said...

Oliver LOVED the card! He says "Grammy always makes the coolest cards." Even my neighbors want to see the cards you send us. You're Maple Ridge famous! The money is a perfect gift for him. In fact, a lot of his friends gave him cash too. Now he wants me to take him shopping. Eep!

Lynne in NI said...

That's such a cool card for a 10 year old, love the clever inside!
I've one to make shortly for my 16 year old nephew, it seems like only yesterday that he was only a wee baby in my arms!

Lynette said...

Oh my - what an awesome card for Ollie! I'm sure he really loved it, and loved the gift, too.:) You are so good about computer-generating sentiments that are so perfect.