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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Envelope punch board review...

I was lucky enough a couple weeks ago to win a We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board from Nina Yang at Waffle Flower Paper Crafts.  Thank you, Nina!!!  I was thrilled as I had been considering this tool ever since it came out and wondering if I should order it.

Update:  this envelope punch board is now on sale at Joann's for $11.99!
  As you can see on the chart located on the tool itself, it makes dozens of sizes of envelopes. The first thing I did was make the largest and smallest size listed.

The instructions were easy to follow. When making the largest envelope, the paper overhangs the tool itself, so you need to flip the paper over to complete the score lines.

The largest envelope is 6" X 8.5" and the smallest envelope is 2.5" X 3". For those of you who use the metric system, it comes with the metric equivalents on a sticker that can be put right on top of the other measurements.

The multitude of sizes came in handy today when I made a 4.5" X 6" card with some flowers hanging over the edge on each side. I knew it wasn't going to fit in the envelopes I usually use for this size card, so I checked the sizes on the board, and sure enough - there was an envelope for a 5" X 6" card that would be perfect!

I also decided to try a few other items that I had seen on various blogs and on YouTube.

The first was a pretty little bow from one 10" X 1" strip of paper. I added a tiny piece of paper around the center to make the bow look complete.

These were so much fun that I made a few more and added some embellishments to the centers. Won't they look pretty on a package or even a card?

There are a number of tutorials on YouTube for bows like this, but I happened to watch this one.

Next, I made an English cracker-style treat box. It was very quick and easy to do after watching this video on YouTube.
Finally, I decided to see if I could come up  with something else without watching any videos or reading any tutorials. I took a strip of designer paper between 3/4" and 1.5" wide (and any length) and punched it every half inch on the envelope punch board, alternately flipping the paper from front-side-up to back-side-up.  It created a sort of paper rick rack.

I took another strip of paper and, keeping it top-side up, punched every half inch along one side. This creates an inverted scallop border like the gray one you see in the above photo. I can see using this to create a little water scene on a card.

I also found that you can layer the rick rack for a colorful border or embellishment. I actually made a card with the yellow and pink combination which I'll share with you in another post.

The punch board also has a great corner rounder incorporated into the board. I discovered that this corner rounder falls between my 1/2" and 1/4" corner rounders.
Here's a picture of two pieces of paper, each with the corner rounded with my 1/2" corner rounder.

Do you see how the blue mat is a little wider at the corner because the white paper has been rounded at the same angle? I have long wished I had a 3/8" corner rounder (a 1/4" one is too small!) so that two corners like this would fit together more accurately. Well, the envelope punch board has just the right size corner rounder!

For the two sheets of paper in the photo at the right, the blue corner was rounded with my 1/2" corner rounder and the white corner was rounded with the envelope punch board. See how nicely they nest together? I am much happier with this combination, and I'm so glad I didn't invest in yet another punch to do the job!

Thanks for sticking with me through this post. I'm glad to share with you the little bit that I've discovered about the envelope punch board. I'll share more as I learn more.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


Nina Yang said...

A really nice roundup of fun uses of Envelope Punch Board here, Cheryl! So glad that you are having fun with it! Use the reverse punch to create a perfect nesting corner is such a useful tip! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheryl,
how great , that now you have an envelope punch board too ! I got mine from "stampin`up" (do you know those products ?? - they are very nice , but also expensive!!).
I learned in a workshop of a stampin`up demonstrator (living near to us) one saterday afternoon how to make little boxes with the envelope board ! I couln`t stop at home and tried all sizes I could find the whole evening ! Those boxes are very nice for little gifts or chocolates , ... !And it`s done so easily and quickly !!
It`s a great invention - an envelope board (not only for envelopes !) I think !!!

Lot of fun with it ,
"herzliche Grüsse" ,

Anonymous said...

Great idea with those waves - I `ll try it too !!


Anonymous said...

Very nice bows - but I didn`t try them yet ! I saw some you tube - videos too ! It seems to be very easy .

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheryl,
it`s great that now you have an envelop board too. I `ve one from "stampin `up" and I already learned in a workshop from a stampin `up demonstrator how to use it for to make little boxes ! I couldn`t stpop at home and made boxes in all sizes I found out the whole evening !
It`s nice for little gifts or chocolates , .... !!

Linda said...

Congrats on your win. I love my envelope board. Thanks for the tips on what else to make with it. You should try the file folder cards. I've made a few and they are fun to make. Enjoy your prize!