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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Fun gift tags...

 I make all my own gift tags, and I've been making some to sell at the thrift store, too. Here are a couple samples of the kind I most like to make:

I like to make them "card" style with some double-sided tape on the back so I can quickly adhere them to wrapped packages.

The Santa suit was easy once I got a buckle die. It came with a "twist and pop" die set and I honestly didn't know why it was included--but I'm glad it was because it works perfectly for this purpose. The white "fur" was made with a deckle-edge rectangle die.

The little poinsettia is a sticker. It had kind of a big, gaudy gem for the flower center, so I replaced it with some Nuvo Drops.  The only die-cutting I did for this one was the word "Joy."

In this photo you can see how it opens like a little card. 

I have a really old wooden stamp that I use for the "To" and "From."

When I add the double-sided tape to the back, I leave the backing paper on the exposed side until I'm ready to use the tag.

These are so easy and fun to make, and you can use up a lot of scraps in the process!

Do you make your own gift tags?  I think a set of dimensional gift tags like these would make a fun little pre-Christmas gift for a neighbor, friend or family member.

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Glittered Paws said...

Cute cute love the Santa - and his belt buckle is awesome. What a great idea to put double sided tear tape on the back - you can have several ahead and then when you are ready to use, just tear off the tape backing. What a brilliant idea.

designbydonna said...

Adorable tags. Love that pretty poinsettia. I love to make tags and make a lot of them. I didn't sell many this year in the virtual market so i sent a bunch to my kids. I didn't need any since this year I am doing gift cards and cash.

Lynette said...

Great gift tags, Cheryl! I love that you add the sticky on the back right from the start - how convenient! I always make my gift tags, but they are usually just quick stamped and cut out. This year I spent a little bit more time on them, but they are just stamped, cut with a punch, added backing cut with a punch, added an eyelet and then some twine. Yours are so much more elaborate, and how nice of you to make some for the thrift store, too.