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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Napkin cards...

I see napkin cards everywhere in blogland these days, so I thought I'd give them a try for my Thanksgiving cards.

Here is the package of napkins that I found at Joann's to use for my cards. I've always liked still-life paintings and really liked this image for Thanksgiving.

I first separated the plain white tissue layer (these napkins were 2-ply) from the top printed layer and set that aside to use in other ways. I also grabbed my plastic wrap to use as a "glue" between my image layer and a piece of plain white cardstock. Now, I needed to assemble my "sandwich."

Plan A:  I laid down some parchment paper to work on, then my cardstock, plastic wrap, napkin image and another piece of parchment paper, in that order. I ironed this sandwich on my iron's highest setting (it's old, so maybe it doesn't get very hot anymore). I discovered that my industrial-sized container of plastic wrap--one that I bought at Costco--must also be industrial strength, because I simply could NOT get it to melt!

Plan B: I remembered that I also had a small box of Dollar Store plastic wrap that had been in our RV, but was now stored away in the house until next spring. I got that out and gave it a try, using the same sandwich configuration. Voila! It worked!  Lesson learned - use cheap, thin plastic wrap for this technique.

After the napkin was adhered, I simply cut the image to size and used it to make my cards, just like I'd use a stamped image.

Here's one of my cards with a custom-made envelope to match.

I tried adding a few autumn-colored sequins to some of the cards for a little bling.

I also used a Spellbinders "Fancy Labels" die for the sentiment on some...

...and added a die-cut button to others.

I found that occasionally the napkin would come loose along the edge of my cut-to-size image. I just used a glue pen to tack these areas down again.

For my some of my card interiors, I punched some leaves out of some inked cardstock and attached them inside.

For other cards, I stamped a simple pumpkin.

All in all, it was a fun experiment, but much more time-consuming than I expected.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember  to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for stopping by. This is truly a lovely card. I peeped about a bit, just to get away from the stacks !!! I love Lefse, my former mother in law always had it for the holidays. I sometimes buy it for ours. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm excited it is my favorite meal and will be a great break. We got 8 inches of snow so far today and still is snowing. Not ready...hoping for NO WINDS>

designbydonna said...

That is very pretty. I will have to try that plastic wrap and ironing bit. I have glued napkins on before but they always were wrinkly and I didn't like how they looked.

Mona Pendleton said...

So very beautiful! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!