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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sport...

Our grandson turned 10 last week and here's the card I made for him:
Isn't that the coolest card? The shoe image can be found on the "Nifty Fifties" cartridge. I simply downloaded two of the shoe images onto my Gypsy. Then I flipped one of them horizontally, overlapped the heels slightly and welded them together. The shoe images were actually cut at 6.5" high, which resulted in a card that was about 5.75" from heel to toe.

The image is tilted on the screen when it's first uploaded (which is why I had to cut it at 6.5"), so to see how long it really was, I rotated it so that it was horizontal. That way I could easily see how long the finished card would be.

You can see in the photo that I inked the white sections of the shoe with a little black ink. After all, what 10-year-old boy has spankin' white shoes?

Here's what the inside looks like:
To make this liner, I just cut another welded shape out of white cardstock and cut it in half. I then trimmed about 1/8 inch off all the way around to get a perfect fit. I thought about adhering the other half to the left side of the card interior, but in the end, I didn't think it was necessary. You can see in the above photo how the shoe is welded at the heel and at the very top.

This card was SUPER simple to put together. Now that I have it saved on my Gypsy, I may be making quite a few of these in the future.

Thanks for stopping by today. Remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day!


Linda said...

This is so cool. Love it. Your cards are very original :-)


Anonymous said...

This one just made me laugh outloud when I saw it. Good job! pj