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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rosettes for Christmas...

When my children were all young, I almost always made Rosettes as a special Christmas cookie. I didn't make this cookie any other time of year, because they're a little putsy to make and my chldren loved them so much that they would disappear in a nano-second if I didn't dole them out.

In case you've not heard of them, here's what they look like.
Rosettes are made from a thin batter that is deep-fried on a special "iron." This year at Thanksgiving, one of my daughters and her family came to stay for the holiday, and she asked about my old Rosette iron. Luckily, I was able to find it and hand it down to her so that a next generation of children can enjoy these delicate, sugared treats.

The recipe for Rosettes is very simple - eggs, milk, flour, a little sugar, dash of salt and some flavoring such as vanilla or almond.  You need to heat up the iron by setting it in your hot oil for awhile. Once hot, it is dipped in the batter and then back into the hot oil. They fry up very quickly. In the pictures you see my daughter making her first batch of Rosettes.
After frying, the Rosettes are drained on paper toweling and then sugared. I always used granulated sugar, but I know some folks like to use powdered sugar.

 My daughter always has several little Christmas elves helping her in the kitchen--especially when she's cooking such a tasty treat.

Because I enjoyed having Rosettes as a child, I made them for my children, and now my grandchildren are enjoying them, too. What a fun Christmas tradition!

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