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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gift bag toppers...

My sister and her friend Connie get together on a regular basis and make cards and have lots of papercrafting fun. Connie is a very talented papercrafter. Of course, my sister is no slouch, either! One of their projects a while ago was to make some decorative gift bag toppers.

Aren't these wonderful? And they're such a good idea, especially at Christmas time when gift bags often sit under the tree for many days. It's such a temptation to peek inside...unless there's a bag topper preventing you from doing so!  And these toppers add so much to the look of the bag.

The topper is a piece of cardstock folded in half and decorated along the edges.  A slit has been cut through which you can slip the handles. Doesn't this deep edge punched border look terrific?

This yellow and peach colored bag is one of my favorites. The topper is the perfect space to add flowers, gems, cutouts, all sorts of things, yet you don't have to decorate the entire bag front. The topper really makes the bag look special. I don't know if they've adhered the topper to the front and back of the bag, but I think that's something I would do in order to hold it securely. Maybe my sister will leave a comment regarding that issue.

This blue bag shows how pretty it can be to layer borders. The complementary color of the flower border really draws attention and makes it a focal point.

Thanks, Connie and Michelle, for letting me share your  beautiful bag toppers. In my next post I'll share some of Connie's Christmas cards with you.  You won't want to miss those!!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day!

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