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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A card gift set...

I recently made a couple of card gift sets--one for a friend and one to be sold at the thrift store. Since both sets were virtually the same, I'll only share one of them with you today.

 I first selected a background die and six different colors of cardstock to put behind it. 

After adhering the background die-cut to the colored cardstock, I glued that to a white card base. I cut a stitched oval for each card and then began picking out the sentiments I wanted to use and the embellishments. These first three feature die-cuts: leaves, a flower and a balloon.

For this card, I curved my sentiment in my stamp positioner so that it would fit the top of my oval (not sure why it looks like a circle in this pic).

I inked my flower a bit, added a glittery center and a few gems.

For the green card I simply added a sentiment, a couple of leaves and some clear sequins. Once again my oval looks like a circle, but trust me, it really is an oval!

For this trio of cards, I used stamped sentiments and dimensional stickers. The orange card (and the blue balloon card) received a few Nuvo drops and I adhered some gems on the pink card. I left the sympathy card a little plainer. I always try to make "quiet" sympathy cards.

Each card had a stamped or computer-generated sentiment on the inside, too. I included six envelopes with each set, and for my friend I added six postage stamps so that she wouldn't have to go hunting for a stamp when she used the cards.

These card sets were fun to make. I kept the embellishments really simple so they came together quickly.

My tulips are now up, and the bunnies have been feasting on them!! The bunnies are really cute, but I get so frustrated with them when they destroy my flowers. I guess I should check out the plant store to see if they have any organic bunny repellent.

I had my hair cut at the salon for the first time in over a year today. I told the stylist not to be shocked at the way my hair looked since I'd been cutting it myself for the past 12 months. She was very kind and said it didn't look too bad. It certainly feels good to have a decent cut once again.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


Glittered Paws said...

I love your note cards, and so nice to put one in the gift shop. I like that they were all CAS and came together quickly for you. I just recently sent my Chemo buddy a set of handmade note cards. Makes a fun giftie.
I am on my way to get my hair cut this morning as well, trying a new stylist - just was not happy with my last hair cut so we will see what the new girl can do with an "old" lady's hair. LOL

Lynette said...

These are all so cool, Cheryl! Your friend will love them, as will the thrift store! Each is similar and yet very different. Bummer about your tulips. I got my hair cut two weeks ago. I agree - it feels wonderful!

designbydonna said...

These are all pretty. What a special gift for a friend, and how thoughtful to include the stamps.

Patti J said...

Very pretty cards! Love that you made a set, and that you donate them to the thrift store. Your heart is huge, dear friend!

Lynne in NI said...

Oooh I'm loving your fab background die, it makes such a pretty set with the different base colours. Bet your friend loved hers, and bet it flew out your store too!
Lucky you with your new hairdo - my fringe currently looks like a dogs hind leg ;)