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Friday, September 11, 2020

Stencil fun...

 Because I love using blending brushes and stencils, I recently got them out to have a play. My playing around generally ends up as a completed card, but not always. 

This was one of those times when playing with my stencils actually produced something. I grabbed several ink colors and began brushing them onto the stencil in a diagonal pattern. When I was done, I cut my panel to the size I wanted, matted it with some yellow CS and added it to a blue card base. Then I pulled out my glitter cardstock to see if I had some coordinating colors for a few punched balloons.

Here you can see that I've popped up my balloons and my sentiment panel (with a die-cut sentiment) using foam squares. That is actual thread for the balloon strings, which has been taped to the backside of the balloons.

This card will be sold at the thrift store, so I kept the inside pretty simple - just a cute stamped sentiment.

I learned a few days ago that my granddaughter's boyfriend and his twin brother both contracted COVID-19. They are currently quarantining in the basement of their family home for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, they will recover with no ill effects. They know where they picked up the virus and when, and my granddaughter has not seen her boyfriend since before that time, so she is hopefully in the clear. 

I hope you are staying healthy. While young people seem to recover fairly quickly, it's a lot more dangerous for us "mature" types.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.



designbydonna said...

This is a very fun festive card. The dots remind me of floating balloons in the background. Great combo of colors and shapes. So glad your granddaughter escaped exposure. I have a friend my age--70ish--who had a mild case of COVID. If I thought I would get by with such a mild case, I would get exposed and be done with it, not have to be so cautious of it.

Lynette said...

Great card, Cheryl! It's fun to just "play" isn't it?

Good luck to your granddaughter's boyfriend and his brother and their family! I hope they don't develop anything very serious, and I sure hope your granddaughter stays well! Stay safe!

Darnell said...

I love your fun glittery balloon design, Cheryl! It is very colorful and festive, just like a birthday card should be! I hope your granddaughter didn't get the virus and the boys recover without any long-term side effects. Keep yourself safe! Hugs, Darnell

Glittered Paws said...

What a fun card - especially love the glitter balloons. And love the saying you put on the inside. I have a feeling this one will sell quickly.
I hope dear grand daughter doesn't get it either, so far we are good, although we probably play it safer than we should.