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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Birthday Times for twins...

Today my twin daughters turn 40! How the heck did THAT happen???? It's this kind of event that makes me want to say I was a child bride (I wasn't) and started having children when I was 12 (I didn't). So I think I'll just ignore the age thing and celebrate the wonderful years still to come for them and me!

For each of my children's 40th birthdays (they're all in that decade now), I've made a "Birthday Times" card with some tongue-in-cheek headlines and ledes. This idea originally came from a wonderful crafter named Helen over on Its All Fiddlefart. Check her out if you want to see some unique creations!

My daughters love to tease me about the crazy hair-dos I gave them. I thought they looked so cute at the time. I also made a lot of their clothes. In fact, I sewed all the clothes in these photos except the little shirt under the pink overalls.

 Heather was the youngest twin by 11 minutes. In fact, they were born on 7-11-77, 11 minutes apart. I have always told them that sevens and elevens are lucky numbers! They both had to learn to answer to "twin." When the neighborhood kids didn't know which one they were talking to, they just called them "twin." In fact, their older brother and sister always called them both "twin," too!

I think you can see in this side shot that I've popped up the word "exclusive" and all the balloons.

The wine glass was actually made with a stamp of a stemmed wine glass. I just cut the stem off to make it one of those stemless wine glasses that are so popular now. Besides, it fit better on my card! It was stamped onto vellum and colored on the backside. I adhered it with a dimensional glue dot.

Here's a peek at the inside of each card (they were both the same).

Having identical twins can be exciting. When my twins were 10, they were asked to audition for a movie! The producers of "The Great Outdoors" with actor John Candy were doing a nationwide search for identical 10-year-old twins. They contacted a "Mothers of Multiples" club where I was a member. The president of the club told them to contact me. It was fun for my twins to audition, even though they had to try to act catatonic, as well as scream and cry. They wouldn't let me be in the room while they auditioned, but they told me what would happen and told me not to worry if I heard them acting terribly upset. They weren't chosen for the movie, but they still had a memorable experience.

Here's one last look at both of the cards for my twins. I really do wish them a


Thank you so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


designbydonna said...

These are so fun and I know your daughters will love them. I hope you get to be with them to share some happy memories.

Darnell said...

What a great idea, Cheryl! They will cherish their cards! My boy turns 40 this year, too, and I'm also having problems with trying to work out the math on that, lol!! Hugs, Darnell

Lynne in NI said...

Hahaha these are fantastic Cheryl! Bet they have a good giggle!
I remember being traumatized ofen by my mum's wonky hair cutting skills, I don't think I had a straight fringe for most of my childhood ;)

Glittered Paws said...

Oh what fun memories you shared. I too have twin boys that are 43 (yes I too was a child bride) NOT. One of my boys has passed 17 years ago. There were days that I just didn't know if I would make it until bedtime and now oh my Allen is a grown man living on his own etc etc. When my boys were little I would always refer to them as "guys" and one was dominant so he would always answer. Anyway the card is awesome.