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Monday, November 7, 2016

Warning! This post is photo-heavy...

I have finally pulled together some photos from our recent trip into Canada and back down through parts of the eastern U.S.

We left on September 15 and headed for Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

This is the parliament building in Ottawa, which we toured. It was so interesting to learn more about their government and how it works. This is a lovely building and the tour was very worthwhile.

From Ottawa we continued on toward Montreal (where we visited with friends and did a wee bit of sightseeing) and then to Quebec City.

Quebec City is a wonderful old city, founded in 1608. We took a walking tour and learned so much about its history. The photo at left shows one of the oldest homes (circa 1675) still in use in the city. It is now a restaurant called Aux Anciens Canadiens.

After Quebec City we began to make our way down the eastern coast of the U. S.

I won't bore you with photos of every place we visited, but I'll try to give you an assortment.

This is my husband and me sitting in chairs made out of lobster traps.  They were actually quite comfortable!

We ate lobster and other seafood every day, since we don't get that much of it in Minnesota.

This is a photo of the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. We learned in more detail about the witch trials that took place there in 1692-93. What a sad catastrophe that was! So many innocent lives lost, and all because of some sort of witchcraft hysteria.

We headed up into northern New Hampshire and were lucky enough to catch some of the fantastic fall color.

The pictures I am sharing with you here just don't do it justice.

It was amazing to come around a bend in the road and see an entire hillside covered with glorious red, orange and yellow trees. Truly breathtaking, even on a cloudy day.

We saw a couple of these pretty covered bridges. It's so nice that they maintain them for the public to enjoy.

I will end this post with a few pictures of American poet Robert Frost's home near Franconia, New Hampshire.

His home was a very simple structure, but...

there was a gorgeous view from his front porch. I can only imagine how this inspired his poetry!

This is my husband and I looking toward the house with a portion of that beautiful view in the background.

I will be back soon with a few more photos of our trip (as long as you're not too bored with them).

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.



Hannelie said...

Hi Cheryl!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!
Looks as if you've had an amazing time !
Love those amazing trees in Fall colors!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing your great photos. Places I've really wanted to visit. I so hope we can take a bust trip to the New England states. I love seafood and they say it's fantastic. Canada Idaho and Montana are 3 places on my list also. Was a fun post you shared. Loved the 2 of you photos also. Has taken my mind off the elections !!! Have a great week.

Sue said...

Hi Cheryl, your photos of your trip are amazing. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful trip, and the pictures of New England are wonderful.


Lynne in NI said...

Great pics, you both look so chilled! Those trees are stunning ... when I win the Lottery that's one of the things I'm gonna go see!

Glittered Paws said...

Oh what beautiful pictures - and when I got to the part where you "ate seafood" - I was jealous, love seafood. I am so happy you shared some of your trip with us.

Darnell said...

I came to see if the beautiful Christmas card you sent me was on your blog so I could thank you there. I don't see it, but I sure enjoyed scrolling back all the way to the beginning of your photos of your amazing adventure! I don't think I deserve the lovely comment on your card - I've been a terrible bloggie friend for way too long and I can't believe how much I've missed. I have now subscribed so, hopefully, I will catch you more often. I sure enjoyed the photos!! Your fall color photos really brought back happy memories of our trip to Nova Scotia when the colors looked like this. Honestly, pictures - as incredible as they are - just do NOT do it justice, do they?!

BTW, you two are as cute as buttons together! It's easy to see how much you enjoy each other - good for you! May you have a lot of marvelous travels in the coming year!

Oh, and I saw something about your RV being totaled. I missed that, but obviously you are okay, so that's the important thing. That kind of excitement you didn't need!

Okay, it's not like Christmas Eve is tomorrow or anything ... guess I'd better scoot! Thanks again for the very pretty card!! Hugs, Darnell