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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christmas card fail...

A neighbor gave me some old sheet music that she no longer wanted. I thought I'd try to use some of it on some Christmas cards. I was pretty disappointed in the results.
In "real" sheet music, the staff lines and the notes are so far apart! It's just not scaled for cards. Fail #1!  I'm thinking I should use my printer to print out a reduced-size copy of it. That might help.

I had a scrap of green Christmassy card stock, and decided to use that for my center rectangle. It does look a little better IRL, but not a lot. Fail #2! I think I should have used black cardstock.

I also tried heat-embossing on the ornament with some gold sparkly embossing powder that I have, and it looks awful. Fail #3!  I don't think I'll be using that embossing powder for any sentiments in the future.

The inside looks a little better with some different gold embossing powder. I think I'll take the scalloped circle off the front of the card and re-do it with this stuff.

I'll try this card design again with the changes I've talked about, and we'll see if it looks any better.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


designbydonna said...

I have used music from old hymnals. I think you are right about the spacing. In song books they are a little closer. I do what you did with the sponging to make it look more antique. Try the music directly onto the kraft card base so the antiquing will blend in with it.

Patti J said...

There are no fails in papercrafting! Only some cards we like better than others! I think this turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing!