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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy birthday to my older (and much wiser) sister...

I made this card for my sister whose birthday is today.
  Happy Birthday, Pat! 
The image is by Inky Antics and is from the Worldly Women #1 set. I have paper pieced her dress, shoes and purse, and I flocked her boa with some black flocking mixed with black glitter. If you look closely, you may just barely see some of the sparkles in the flocking.

I think this image is fabulous. She actually reminds me of my paternal grandmother, who was a great lady. Every day, my grandmother put on her matching costume jewelry (always earrings and necklace, sometimes brooches, bracelets or other pieces, too) and dressed as though she had places to go and people to see, even if she didn't.

When my Grandpa Isaac was still alive, they loved to go to Las Vegas every year. I don't know if she actually gambled, but I think she loved the bright lights and "glamour" of the place.

My sister doesn't wear flashy jewelry, but she has her own sparkle, and I thought she'd get a kick out of this image.

I changed the sentiment that came with the stamp to say "We've entered...," rather than "I've entered..." I didn't want this card to be about me, but I thought it was okay to include myself as a participant in the "snapdragon part of life." I used my computer to print it and then cut it out with a Lifestyle Crafts die.

Here's the inside sentiment with the "punch line." You can see that I've chalked the scalloped oval just a bit, which mirrors the oval on the front of the card. I like the addition of this bit of pale pink, and I think it sets the sentiment off nicely.

Well, I hope my sister has a really great day and an even better year. I also hope this card makes her smile.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.


Patti J said...

Bwahahaha....nearly spit out my coffee when I read the inside sentiment. How funny! Very cute card, Cheryl, and I'm sure your sister loves it!

Sherry Eckblad said...

Great card! Love the image and I am sure your "much older" sister will too.

designbydonna said...

Love that adorable image. And what a fun sentiment. Happy Birthday to your sister.