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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ever hear of a Princess Train? Well...

Quite a while ago I picked up a Sizzix train die for a really good price.  At the time I thought it would be perfect for making cards for little boys.  However - little girls like trains, too.  Especially if they're glittery and filled with "jewels and fairy dust!"

Here's a card that I made for my granddaughter's third birthday.  With this great die, it was fun and came together very quickly:

I cut each car from a different color of glitter cardstock.  One of the little coal cars is filled with "jewels" (flatbacked gems) and the other is filled with "fairy dust" (a nice little pile of sparkly glitter).   I added gems in various places for more dimension.  I also cut just the wheels again from gray cardstock and did some extra embellishing on them with metallic gel pens (and gems, too!). I used a lacy ribbon for the track, cut some puffs of smoke from white felt and used another die to cut the letters for "choo choo."  Each "choo" was actually part of a phrase that I cut apart until I had what I wanted.  I used a decorative corner punch and a small flatbacked gem to finish off each of the corners

For the inside, I ran a decorative strip on the left.  I actually composed the verse inside and printed it onto the cardstock with my computer.  Please use it for your own cards, if you wish.  Just substitute the appropriate age and name.  In case it's hard to read, here is what it says:

A pretty little Princess Train
is heading straight your way.
It's filled with jewels and fairy dust
for a girl who's three today!

Happy Birthday, Hadley!

I hope you enjoyed this girly train card.  Remember to laugh--a little or a lot--every day.



craftieodmae said...

now that is too cute, I am now following your fantastic blog!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl! New follower here! Would love it if you followed back! I'm still under 100 followers too!
Love your card! I always agonize over the insides of my cards!

Unknown said...

We loved this card! Thank you for making it, mom!

Anonymous said...

I loved this card, and so did the recipient. Thanks mom!